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A career in agriculture can open up a world of opportunities


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Finding Eligible Recruits

We will reach out to new recruits, handle incoming recruit interest, and work diligently to ensure we are only finding you the best of the best. 

Vetting Recruits

We will interview recruits, keeping in mind your company values and the details of your job openings to ensure we are only bringing you the most qualified candidates. 

After the Hire

We will work with your recruit for at least 6 months post-hire! This includes access to leadership training, mentorship calls, and 1:1 check-in calls for the new hire. 

Become a Top Competitor in the Marketplace

The agriculture industry is advancing at an astonishing pace, with breakthroughs in precision agriculture, sustainable practices, and cutting-edge technologies shaping its future. Our team of recruiters is equipped with the knowledge and foresight to identify candidates who not only meet your immediate needs but are also primed to lead your company through the evolving challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.


What sets us apart from other recruiters?

  • Kylen was born and raised in the agriculture industry. His knowledge of farming, irrigation, technology, and people set him apart from the rest. He knows the standard needed to make a powerful impact on an operation. 
  • We will work with you to promote your brand and company culture in order to attract top talent, emphasizing your organization's values, mission, purpose, vision, and benefits. 
  • We want your new hires to be successful, so we will use our qualifications and expertise to provide each recruit with a DISC personality and behavior assessment and a Working Genius assessment before presenting the candidates to you. This will help identify their best fit within your company. 
The biggest difference with 3i Recruit: We work with your recruits AFTER they become your new hires! 

Our passion is in leadership development - and we want to bring that passion to your team. Each new hire will be granted 6 months of leadership development from 3i Life, including access to our weekly mentorship calls.


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